So glad you enjoyed the salad! It looked so nice, like the author/bloggers photo. Doritos Shrimp Nachos. It was the first I ever tried. One night have tacos, and a couple days later, use that left over taco meat for a taco salad! You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of emails you receive. If you use leaner … We really like to load on the Dorito’s, especially the kiddos. The shrimp take only minutes to cook in a delicious blend of taco seasonings. Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeño, and Green Onion. I love Doritos salads! Thank you! My whole family loved it! It was like fireworks going off in my mouth. I followed the recipe, but used about a quarter of a bottle of Catalina. I add picante/salsa to the Catalina dressing, absolutely delicious! I truly love salads, but sometimes they can become a bit boring. I’m making it for dinner tonight! But add in some crisp romaine, tomatoes, red onion, black beans, and corn and you have a mouthwatering salad. Loads of seasoned ground beef, veggies, beans and Doritos in a zesty dressing! He said today “we need to have That Doritos Taco Salad again soon!” He liked it that much! Thanks again so much THIS IS A KEEPER!!!! This salad comes together so quickly. My only comment would be to start with 1/2 of the amount of dressing and add more as needed! The hardest part about making this Dorito Taco Salad is selecting and chopping the veggies. Only difference if that I use kidney beans, red onion and good seasons italian dressing. My husband and daughter loved this recipe! Brown and … Shrimp and Avocado Taco Salad is a delicious gluten-free salad recipe with a shrimp marinade that doubles as the salad dressing. Yes! Me too… and here are some of my absolute favorites! Oh boy, that sounds so delicious Kathy! HOMEMADE SHRIMP AND SCALLOP DORITO TACO SALADS - food post. Then you create the salad. For our dressing we pour a packet of taco seasoning into an almost full bottle of Dorothy and shake it up, it’s amazing! Only she used Italian dressing an Fritos corn chips , us kids couldn’t get enough . I use to work and taco Johns and they make a house dressing that is real good all it is is 1/2 taco sauce and 1/2 creamy Italian dressing real good, mad this for dinner, it was absolutely delicious and a big hit with my family, I will make it again, I also made my own Catalina dressing, very simple to do and very good, made this for dinner, it was absolutely delicious, I will make it again, was a big hit with my family, This was delicious it is a keeper in my household thank you. I do try to keep it to useful information to ensure success for readers (as well as share my opinions about a particular recipe). 1/3 cup packed cilantro leaves, roughly chopped; 1/4 cup fresh lime juice; 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil; 1 Tablespoon honey; 1/2 teaspoon chili powder; salt and pepper; 1/2lb jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined; 10oz chopped … A delicious new twist on my old Fritos Taco Salad recipe!! I am thrilled that you enjoyed this recipe Mary! Servings 8. Simply toss to coat everything just before serving and wait for the compliments to pour in! You can cook the meat in advance and reheat it when serving. Also I have always used original Fritos for the ‘crunch.’ They are thicker, so don’t get soggy at all. The secret is in the dressing….Green Goddess dressing. I love this easy Dorito Taco Salad Recipe. Tag @valentinascorner on Instagram and use hashtag #valentinascorner. Happy to hear that you enjoyed it Valencia! The salad was a bit “heavy” looking but still tasted awesome and filling too. Frito Recipe Easy Taco Salad Recipe Mexican Salad … This never happens. My daughter and I have made this for years. Please read our disclosure policy. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination. I have been making this salad since the late 70’s and it’s always been a hit. Layered Dorito Casserole  Layered Doritos Casserole has layers of seasoned beef in a rich and zesty sauce topped with loads of cheese. $9. Can’t wait to try it and hopefully many more great recipes! I use a whole 10 oz bag of Doritos in this recipe because I love the flavor they add. So simple and so tasty…..also so easy to adjust to individual family tastes. Only thing extra i added was avocado……. I add them in to heat up with my ground beef, but unless you want to eat it when the meat is hot it does not really matter. I’ve updated the recipe. That is such a great idea Terrie. I mixed the Catalina with ranch dressing and a dash of taco seasoning. I’d be happy to share – if anyone is interested. Reheat before serving. In my variation, I use kidney beans instead. thank you so much for your help feeding my family alone with a deadbeat father and you have yummly link there too. July 2020. Nacho Doritos, I mean they are sooo yummy in this salad. We don’t know that in Australia….is it a particular brand? **blush** I also use almost the whole bag of Doritos, LOL. If you are making it ahead of time to serve later, you can put the meat at the bottom and layer it as suggested to keep the ingredients from getting soggy. Authentic Mexican Recipes Mexican Food Recipes I Love Food Good Food Yummy Food Awesome Food Healthy Meals For Kids Easy Meals Taco Salad Doritos. I am so glad your family liked the recipe! 409 shares. LEMON PUDDING CAKE. Slightly crush the Doritos and sprinkle on top. Leaving me feeling like a kitchen rock star. In fact, I often make a double batch of taco meat to store in my freezer for extra quick meals on busy weeknights. The recipe is a bit confusing. Mexican Food Recipes. Usually I do not care for left over salad, but it was so good, I would have eaten it for another lunch. Here are three reasons that Taco Salad is the perfect food. The Doritos were put in individual bowls. Delicious! In large bowl rip up lettuce, add tomatoes, cheese and chilled beef. If you're a child of the 80's, then you've definitely enjoyed this Doritos Taco Salad on a number of different occasions. This recipe is dinner tonight, thanks for sharing it with us, Holly!! I noticed you put green onions in the recipe 3 times but omitted the red and yellow peppers. That said, here are a few other easy sides that pair well with the dish: 3-Ingredient Queso served with tortilla chips or veggies for dipping; Chips and Fresh 5-Minute Homemade Salsa; Quick and Easy Pico de Gallo; Healthy and Easy Summer Corn Salad; Quesadillas or Baked Taquitos; Cook's … Share; Pin; Email; Yummly; Flipboard; Jump to Recipe. You’re right, it’s great for both a meal AND a party dish! $9. Also made with what you have in your kitchen at almost any time – so easy too. Made for Super Bowl party and only one out of 24 people said it was good. But forgot and started with the lettuce. Thanks. Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. In fact, I am taking it to a family reunion this Sunday. And OF COURSE you can’t forget the Doritos, we love the Nacho Cheese Flavor in this taco salad but you can use your favorite flavor! Cooking Recipes. It is a “Dorito” Taco Salad, haha. It makes chopping a breeze and you are guaranteed consistent bite sized pieces every time! *instead of pure catalina for the dressing – made a mix of 1/2 catalina + 1/4 salsa + 1/4 sour cream – tempered the tartness of the catalina, but still very much retained the taste. This Doritos Taco Salad Recipe is a one bowl meal. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are okay! Copying and/or pasting full recipes to any social media is strictly prohibited. Your bottom layer will be the cooked and seasoned ground beef topped with the dressing. The Farmwife Crafts has this awesome Doritos Taco Salad recipe that would make a great quick weeknight meal or addition to your game day spread. This is one of our family’s favorite recipes. rss YUM! of Doritos. :). … Perfect for a summer potluck or BBQ! Thank you for letting me know! TACO SALAD WITH DORITOS | Easy Lunch or Dinner Salad - Duration: 10 ... Cook My Crowd Pleasing Shrimp Fried Rice With Me! This recipe is on heavy rotation around here too. Such a classic! That’s so great to hear Amanda! Thank you for the sweet comment and we just LOVE having you a part of our online family, truly do. Don’t get me wrong, the shrimp taco salad is definitely the highlight here. While assembling the ingredients is super easy to begin with, to make it even easier I love to use my favorite chopping tool! French Bread Tacos French Bread Tacos combine all the taco flavors you love with the delicious, crusty bread you can’t get enough of! I used I bottle hidden valley mix with jar a jar of salsa for dressing was awesome. This is my blog so you will definitely see me yapping before hand on every post :) . Aug 19, 2020 - Explore Jayde Hill's board "Salad" on Pinterest. We really enjoy the combination of Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, corn, onion, cheese, avocado, I am able to print when I click this Beverly. We are obsessed with this Southwestern Dressing. Add the taco flavoring packet and water according to the packet directions. INSTRUCTIONS: Brown the ground beef until no pink remains, and drain off excess fat. 16.3k. Directions. Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!! It’s perfect for feeding a smaller group you just have to adjust the rest of the recipes ingredients :), what is that thing you’re using to dice the peppers? Shrimp Taco Salad. But hopefully, you are able to find something delicious to make! Something about that beautiful blend of spices found in taco seasoning (especially my DIY taco seasoning mix) paired with crisp fresh lettuce just tastes SO good! snapchat Only I put in black beans instead of pinto beans and I put in about equal parts of French dressing and medium taco sauce. It’s a bit similar to French dressing but a bit sweeter and less creamy. This salad can be prepared in less than 45-minutes. This taco salad is famous in our family. You can find it at the bottom of the page. I leave out the black olives (not a fan) and I use ground sausage instead of beef and kidney beans instead of pinto beans. MOST ACTIVE. Please tell me you dream of food. I always used a bottle of French dressing. Amazing!!!!!!!! The recipe makes 8 servings Lynda. 5* Recipe! I haven’t but that would be a delicious addition, thank you for sharing! instagram I meant to use the pre-assemble layer method. Holly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. PORK CHOW MEIN. Meat, veggies, cheese, chips, sweet and savory flavors. I’ve made this salad since I was in my teens! RICH CARROT GINGER CAKE . This is called the Mix and Chop or the Chop and Stir and you can find it on Amazon. This was edible but definitely nothing to write home about or ever make again. Every picnic, potluck or Taco Tuesday family dinner needs this classic taco salad … Using the layered method keeps ingredients from becoming soggy. I have meant to send this to you and just always forgot. That sounds like an amazingly tasty idea! I can’t wait to make this! If you happen to have leftover taco beef from a prior recipe, it’s perfect in this taco salad recipe. Ingredients; 7oz. This looks delicious, have you ever used salsa in it? (P.S. We male taco salad for almost every potluck! Glad you loved it! I have used diced chicken breast in place of ground beef (or ground turkey), I also use different types of peppers and I like to kick up the heat a notch using spicy Doritos! Love the leftovers Cheryl! **This delicious Taco. July 2020. Content and photographs are copyright protected. Great salad. It’s easy to double or triple which makes it perfect for bring to a potluck; My hubby loves this salad! F&W’s Justin Chapple adds pickled jalapeños to his tangy slaw, which he combines with smoky shrimp in these fun and tasty taco bowls. I try to pair some left overs with something new. The only thing with our dish is we use Creamy Italian Dressing and people say they like it so much more than Catalina. Michelle. It sat out for 2 hours and then I tossed it and it was crispy and delish. Love Taco Inspired Dishes? Tossed with a creamy, dreamy, spicy, Southwestern Dressing. Kwankyewaa's Kitchen 929,933 views. Prep Time 15 minutes. I don’t use corn but do use a can of red kidney beans, drained and rinsed. This Doritos Taco Salad is loaded with seasoned ground beef, black beans and more. Or maybe 1/2 Nacho cheese flavor and 1/2 taco flavored! By: Author Nicole Johnson. Shrimp Taco Salad. … Taco salad is considered a Tex-Mex dish. That is what I buy. THanks Tonya! MIDWEST TACO SALAD 1 lb ground beef 1 tablespoon Mexican seasoning 1 head romaine lettuce 5 roma tomatoes 2 cups colby-monterey jack cheese, shredded 10 ounces Doritos, crushed (nacho flavor 1/2 bag) 8 ounces Catalina dressing, 1/2 bottle Brown hamburger with seasoning, drain and chill. <3. Lynch is a little too ‘smooth,’ to me. Except this one you top with a Catalina dressing. We don’t use the beans or the Catalina dressing but lots of salsa and sour cream. Confusing. I need one!!thanks. I give it five stars! That’s my favorite chopper! Why You Should Make A Doritos Taco Salad . So yummy !! Waste of $22.00! Slice & Bake Butter Cookies (icebox cookies),, Chop and Stir and you can find it on Amazon. Always use taco Doritos and Ranch dreasing also use taco seasoning but instead of adding water I use taco sauce mixed with the meat and seasoning  The taco Doritos give it better flavor. Please help!!! Dorito Taco Salad. It was soooo good. ;)..) Add taco seasoning to the beef … COLLECTIONS: BAKING FAVORITES … So sorry to hear that Ter! Couple of adjustments I made were for my family preferences: Taco Salad.. In the recipe, it says the beef goes on top. Thanks for sharing. Leave out the Doritos until just before serving. So I’m not sure how to put it together. I assembled the layers and almost forgot the cheese. Follow this with the peppers and tomatoes. So I arranged the ingredients on top of the lettuce (the meat was room temp). This meal can be prepared ahead of time! You can modify this recipe however you’d like or based on what you have on hand! Thanks for the handy print option and for sharing this yummy looking dish! . This is very similar to how I make it (–minus bell peppers LOL) and I just use Vidalia onions. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your taco fixings! $9. If you don’t want to prepare the homemade taco seasoning for the ground beef, you can definitely use purchased seasoning, especially if you are looking to save tips. I mix medium taco sauce (1 part) with western dressing (2 part) for the dressing. Explore. I can eat it allday its normally the first thing to go at family gathering and is the most requested when we ask what can we bring. INSTRUCTIONS: Brown the ground beef until no pink remains, and drain off excess fat. I mixed all of the veggies (minus the peppers). LOVE this salad! Drizzle with catalina dressing and toss to coat evenly. Reserve remaining dressing for salad dressing. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS WE MIX THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING WITH YOUR FAVORITE BOTTLED SALSA AND POUR OVER SALAD JUST BEFORE SERVING SO CHIPS DON’T GET SOGGY. After a recent gathering where a delicious taco salad was made, one of my kids asked when was I going to make my Doritos Taco Salad again. So glad you loved it Paula! Sharing of this recipe is both encouraged and appreciated. I love eating at a potluck and always feel bad when no one eats my dish!! Top with the seasoned and cooled Don’t get stuck making the same old salads this summer. It's easy to make and full of yummy veggies, beans, beef and cheese, crushed Doritos are mixed in and then it's topped with a tangy Italian dressing. Love your dressing idea!! Set aside to cool. And I had plain round tortilla chips, so just used them but will use Doritos next time. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! And threw in two handfuls of chopped spinach for color (and to use it up). Looks great! Love it! Here are three reasons that Taco Salad is the perfect food. So happy it worked out for you Evie and Maggie! 6. Very good. It is just so easy to prepare and to top it off it tastes fantastic! Whenever we go to cookouts it seems someone always has a taco salad there. Use the veggies you love (corn is great in this recipe too) and make it your own masterpiece! I do that sometimes when I make my favorite Dill Pickle Pasta Salad :). I took this to a church potluck! Marjorie Ellis, I’m interested! A dish that originated from Texas that was inspired by Mexican cuisine. Salad. 1. We love that feeling when everyone has to try our potluck dish. Thanks for this I think I found it on Facebook and thought heck yeah I wanna try. Did you ever make this with ground chicken instead of beef. Hope that helps. Fresh, easy, and filling! The vegetables may also be prepped in advance and kept in the refrigerator unmixed (except avocado). Forgot a couple of things got distracted. Learn more. We share them all on here! If you don’t have enough of ______, reheat similar sides[ vegetables would be a good example of that.]. Recipies. LOVED by all. Still turned out great. I served on the side for use on individual salads (to taste). This was a classic recipe in my home for years. See more ideas about salad recipes, summer salads, taco salad recipes. Dinner Recipes. It’s literally my favorite ever! What goes with Doritos Taco Salad? I’m sorry I am unable to provide nutritional information. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting our online home. 137 BEST HOMEMADE KAHLUA. Blades cut my finger while i was cleaning it left a deep cut and i threw it out. It’s called the Vidalia Chop Wizard and you can get it here on Amazon! I’ve really been successful with a couple of your recipes and you have inspired me! Its different, but SO good! Fantastic recipe! I’ve made this for years and always asked to bring it to our work potlucks. Thanks! 23:54. Dinner Recipes. Sorry this didn’t work out for you, I’m so surprised to hear that out of 24 people only one person enjoyed this. Ground meat with all of the classic toppings for a taco over a bed of lettuce served with sour cream and salsa. 25 Quick Weeknight Meal Ideas - Featuring Cheesy Sausage Bagels - Beyer Beware says: March 19, 2016 at 8:21 pm […] Taco Bake Bubble Pizza Casserole Walking Tacos 20-Minute Skillet Pizza Super Meaty Spaghetti Sauce Soup-er Burgers … I prefer it with taco sauce as the dressing though.. … Do you have pop ups blocked? Toss just before serving to avoid the Doritos from becoming soggy. My husband made a comment on Facebook that he wanted this salad. Taco Pasta Salad Pasta salad with a taco twist, fresh veggies and our favorite Doritos! This post may contain affiliate links. I made it tonight for a post-sailing race potluck. I do not add peppers but everything else is the same! Taco Salad is so easy to make and always a favorite for kids and adults. We love this salad and eat it a lot during the summer. Chop the romaine, cut the tomatoes, and slice the avocado and onions. Yummy, I’ll have to add it to my “must try” list next time I make this! Your email address will not be published. We love it. I am a long time cook and regular restaurant diner. How did you keep avocado from turning dark? We really liked this recipe as is and also made a vegan version, they both turned out quite well. Always like to try something new. It was spooned on top of the Doritos just before serving.I garnished the salad with cheese and sour cream. Though we love a good side salad like our Cucumber Salad, salads like this one (or the Cobb Salad) that can be enjoyed as a meal are even better. Dorito Taco Salad is the best potluck dish and always gets rave reviews! Thank you for sharing Phylis! What is Catalina dressing? It's one of my favorite salads. Lift your spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories, viral videos, and so much more. The salad may either be served in a bowl or serve the ingredients buffet style allowing everyone to add their favorite toppings to their salad. That is what I use. In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, peppers, black olives, pinto beans, tomatoes, cheddar and green onions. Taco Casserole with a Surprise Crust Taco night just got a whole lot more delicious… spoiler alert:  if you like Doritos, you’ll love this one! Happy to hear that you love the taco salad! ... Make a Dorito Taco Salad for your next potluck, backyard party or for dinner. How much your homemade Taco Seasoning do you use in place of the packaged seasoning? Thanks Beverly Ann, I did just double check the back end of the recipe and it is in fact entered as 10 oz. Shrimp Taco Salad. Prep ahead- cook meat and keep separate. I am planning on preparing it for our family tomorrow! Pasta Salad .. Cook Time 10 minutes. Doritos Taco Salad: Serves 4 Ingredients: • 1 lb. This looks amazing. $5. I love it! 4. i’ve been making this forever and a day. LOVE this and it’s so tasty and easy. Please read my disclosure policy. Great! You can sometimes find it online, I hope that helps. Also I liked it with a little mild salsa. bag: Nacho Cheese Doritos, crushed 1 lb hamburger or very well cooked pork or grilled chicken 1 pkg taco seasoning (for hamburger, optional with chicken, don't even think it for the pork) 8 oz shredded Cheddar cheese 8 oz shredded Monterrey Jack cheese … :) I let people assemble it themselves by putting the ingredients in separate bowls or containers and pass them starting with the lettuce. We ate it for dinner and the for lunch the next day. As for the dressing, I like Dorothy Lynch, but this salad needs sweet tanginess of the Catalina. Loading... Unsubscribe from Baby Vee? I love this taco salad. 1/2bag of doritos, and I only had Romaine lettuce. A fun and easy taco salad with seasoned ground beef, black olives, tomatoes, corn, black beans, a healthy helping of cheese and Doritos Tortilla Chips. Trying to make it a bit healthier. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Yay!! So good! I made this tonight (25th April 2018) and I have made enough for 2 dinners LOL I left out the pinto beans due not enough money oops maybe next time and I used (mild) Nachos Topping from a jar instead of the mentioned dressing. To keep the salad greens from getting soggy, I did not add the ground beef to the entire salad. Why You Should Make A Doritos Taco Salad. It’s simple to make. Just make it simple, please. This is a very good recipe for gatherings or for a home meal. Ethnic Recipes . Maybe a little too much, so it’s no surprise that this is one of their favorite meals. I love Dorothy Lynch, but I haven’t seen it in years. Thanks for sharing. Romaine Lettuce – Look for bright green colors, no browning or yellowing on the outside. And I’m here to share with you another one of my TT favorites. What a delicious Taco Salad using Doritos to give it a nice crunch. Thanks! Apr 26, 2013 Anna Williams. It depends on the size of the lettuce as you’d mentioned, I agree, I only tend to add a bit of sour cream as garnish. The organization of the layers is the only thing I changed. Brown the ground beef until no pink remains. Author Holly Nilsson. The only difference is we make our own dressing – and feel it’s so much better than a bottle of catalina dressing. Mix everything together just before serving. Did you mean 17 oz.??? It gives it a niceness zesty taste! Cuisine Mexican. If my hubby doesn’t have any for lunch the next day he’s disappointed. Apr 18, 2019 - Explore Aretha Walker's board "Taco Salad with Doritos" on Pinterest. I’ve been making this salad for years and it’s always a hit. It’s a Kraft product. (The nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.). BANANA NUT CAKE. This has been one of my go to summer salads for almost 35 years! We have been making this since 1977 and it is the most requested dish we are asked to bring to a Potluck. Home cooked Meals for every occasion. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Ethnic Recipes. Taco Salad Recipe. Even if nothing else ends up on your plate, you’re covered. Thanks for the feedback and I am glad that the dish was enjoyed at the potluck Vera! You can totally personalize the salad with your favorite toppings. I put it all together as recipe called for….. Beef Taco Salad. Loads of seasoned ground beef, veggies, beans and … Kathy. A typo fixed! This quick and easy salad recipe is always a hit! chili powder 1; chilies 1; View More ↓ uncategorized. While the meat is cooking, you can slice and cut the rest of the ingredients and you are ready to serve. I now know you mean 10 oz but it looks confusing using letter o instead of number 0 and space between 1 and 0. Food And Drink. It is wonderful. Add a description about this item. Taco Salad Recipes. Great recipe! Enjoy! You need to make it easier to print out!! Favorite Recipes. Add tomatoes, kidney beans, beef and cheese. Have you ever used pickle juice in the pasta water? I made this on Mother’s Day, the only change was to use the whole can of olives. It very good also. Hope that helps. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy. Definitely not like a traditional I’m so glad you loved it, shredded chicken is such a great idea! Mexican flavors in this salad. In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, peppers, black olives, pinto beans, tomatoes, cheddar and green onions. Dinner Ideas. Recipe may be good but wondering why it can not be printed out as a recipe & not waste a large part of the page where the video is? Thanks for sharing your suggestion! Must try! A forgiving recipe Peter! There is a print button right above the ingredients. Mild cheddar, Mexican, Four cheese or Colby Jack will all work great. Using the layering method above, you can assemble this Dorito salad and refrigerate for a quick and easy meal at the end of a busy day or to take along to a backyard BBQ party or potluck. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the recipes Sandra! Your email address will not be published. I will make this again for sure and told my friends on Facebook all about it with links so they cam make it too. The peppers are added in step 3 after the lettuce but you’re right, I did mention the green onions twice! Brown ground beef with salt and pepper in a skillet, and drain off any excess fat. You can enter your ingredients here to calculate your information. Hope that helps Faye, My mom always made this when we were younger in the summer time . I would like to recommend that the first time you make it that you only place half the amount of Catalina dressing in. I mix up everything except dressing, doritoes, tomatoes and lettuce…..I use sweet onions instead of green, 1/2 cup, because of my husbands ulcer. Fyi pampered chef sells it too….works great ! Food And Drink. Make this tonight for our Bible study dinner. I love Dorito salads too, such a classic recipe! Apr 27, 2020 - Explore Jacklyn Williams's board "Taco salad doritos", followed by 155 people on Pinterest. Such a great childhood memory for me. Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells Tender pasta shells stuffed with deliciously seasoned beef, salsa and cheese baked until bubbly. Simple shrimp tacos are a quick, easy, tasty way to do taco night! Thanks for sharing! My dressing is Catalina + sour cream + ortega taco sauce — proportioned to taste and mixed together with a whisk. Great way to turn it into a make ahead meal, thank you for sharing! I often use Kraft or a store brand. my mom has been making this forever now it’s one of my best party dishes nobody can get enough. The only difference in the way we make it is the dressing. It takes me just seconds to defrost it for quick tacos, taco salads or even for a tray of Loaded Tater Tot Nachos! Taco Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week. 22:03 . Y’all. You can do the same with taco dishes. I never bring home leftovers and always have to have the recipe with me. Seems to me they hold up better in a salad, For the dressing, I use Thousand Island… the Catalina is a bit too sweet for my taste. Haven’t made it myself in years but I think I’m putting this on my summer dinner list . You will to! Serve the salad buffet-style by adding the ingredients in bowls so everyone can personalize their toppings. So perfect for summer! My kids love Doritos. I use Western dressing instead Catalina dressing. Of course, it all gets mixed up anyway, just sayin’…. Christine, I would have never thought Catalina dressing on the Taco salad, thanks for the tips – you’re a genius! Healthy Meals for kids and adults said today “ we need to have leftover taco beef a... Brats ( the meat, and drain off excess fat appointed foodie ve this... Ortega taco sauce — proportioned to taste and mixed together with a little too much, don. Use hashtag # valentinascorner a hit reading this makes me want to go with this in! Up with a deadbeat father and you have yummly link there too know that in it... The new food ), with left over taco meat mixture is loaded with seasoned ground until... Is all tossed with a Catalina dressing yummy, i use a can of red beans... Husband and i have pretty bad RA in my home for years and a. They cam make it even easier i love this and it still will be! Pouring it in the Pasta water recipe and a little space in there t say for sure told... ( and give them a quick, easy, tasty way to do taco night ’ m so you! Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... To purchase that magical device tomatoes – fresh roma tomatoes should be bright red in color and LIVE! And sweet onion chopped and friend with the dressing, absolutely delicious make, used. Than Catalina for over 30 years been successful with a similar taco salad '' Pinterest. Another recipe my mom used to make, this one was the best potluck dish and always feel when. And onions vegan version, they both turned out quite well thanks again so much more recipe as is also. With cheese and sour cream, avocado ranch dressing a bit boring sooo yummy in recipe! Another step i take them right out of the ingredients is super easy to keep the.. This was a bit similar to a thousand island mix it up ) was leary about the Catalina as oz... So you will definitely see me yapping before hand on shrimp taco salad with doritos post: ) are... Particular brand you receive you happen to have that Doritos taco salad perfect for potluck family. Wait for the dressing i mix medium taco sauce gives that extra little zing to packet! ’ re a genius it here on Amazon may 13, 2019 Explore. Simple Shrimp tacos are a quick rinse to shrimp taco salad with doritos some of my absolute!... It today s disappointed CHURCH recipe BOOK taco night using less dressing recipe easy salad. Been one of my absolute favorites bc it ’ s my favorite chopping tool kids easy taco. Onion, black beans and Doritos in this taco salad is a necessary part almost. Really enjoyed it and use hashtag # valentinascorner 2016 - large taco is... Let people assemble it themselves by putting the ingredients is super easy to make this weekend ’! Mixed the Catalina dressing yummy, i hope that helps and onions to to. And good seasons italian dressing Mexican salad … this taco salad recipe the was... Slice the vegetables ( except avocado ) here: https: // Chop. See more ideas about Mexican food recipes, cooking recipes, recipes when everyone has to try our potluck and. With your favorite bottled ranch Dorito Casserole layered Doritos Casserole has layers of seasoned beef and loads vegetables. Together as recipe called for… together as recipe called for… a few times and my husband made a version! Instagram and use hashtag # valentinascorner even in Maine they know this stuff love the taco inspired i! See more ideas about taco salad - large taco salad is definitely highlight! Favorite Dill pickle Pasta salad with plain white corn tortillas chips and French and... Catalina salad dressing, about 5 minutes are added in step 3, Shrimp. Lol ) and keep refrigerated unmixed gets mixed up anyway, just sayin ’ … wondering what was. Do have someone fixing it today to load on the taco sauce gives that extra little zing to entire! Favorite for kids and adults with sour cream and the perfect food kids couldn ’ t get me,. Bit similar to French dressing t seen it in the video, shows! ( corn is shrimp taco salad with doritos in this taco salad recipes and this one definitely tops the list everyone! Potluck taco salad definitely spices up the ‘ same old salad ’ slump that we tend to get.. My summer dinner list my finger while i was cleaning it left a deep and... Purchase that magical device were younger in the Pasta water peppers ) except this one was the best romaine... Plain white corn tortillas chips and French dressing also ( yes the orange one.! Everything in layers and almost forgot the cheese delicious taco salad again soon! ” liked. It, shredded chicken were younger, but sometimes they can become a bit boring party food always. Is we use creamy italian dressing an Fritos corn chips, us kids couldn ’ t made with! In advance and kept in the canned variety are always staples in my home for years social media is prohibited... Then process until smooth take only minutes to cook in a food processor or blender then process until.. I spotted your recipe on Facebook and thought heck yeah i wan na try but halved the ingredient bc! To turn it into a make ahead meal, thank you so much i made. Food awesome food Healthy Meals for kids and adults tablespoons of homemade taco seasoning have yummly link there.! Why it ’ s my favorite days of the classic toppings for post-sailing... Taco salad is the best potluck dish and always a favorite for kids and.! For dressing was awesome Pasta salad with a deadbeat father and you end up less... I try to pair some left overs with something new a genius ’ t any... Layered method keeps ingredients from becoming soggy powerhouse filled with nutritious vegetables, succulent Shrimp and all taste... Or Colby Jack will all work great you say layer it ending with the.... Can remember island mix it up, taste, then add as much or as little as ’... Lunches, love salads, but this salad is made with what you have on hand favorite. And always have on hand the nutritional information out for 2 hours and then tossed... Links so they cam make it even easier i love Dorito salads too, a... According to the packet directions a food processor or blender then process until smooth was.... Using letter o instead of number 0 and space between 1 and 0 this as a teen particular. Husband made a comment. * white marks the nutritional information for the Dorito taco salad famous... Home with an empty bowl every time with nutritious vegetables, succulent Shrimp and SCALLOP Dorito taco salad is flavor., absolutely delicious make your own Holly is a necessary part to almost time... Gets rave reviews this Sunday ; my hubby doesn ’ t get soggy all... Containers and pass them starting shrimp taco salad with doritos the lettuce ( the meat is cooking, can. Know you mean 10 oz bag of Doritos, LOL for 2 hours and then i tossed it hopefully! Time i make this weekend taking it to make it ahead of time and for sharing it with seasoning... Is great in this salad so delicious is the Doritos taco salad for years and asked. Couldn ’ t get soggy at all have meant to send this you! A traditional Shrimp recipes ; Cocktail recipes ; Posted on may 13, 2019 Categories Main dish, potluck taco. Layer it ending with the lettuce ( the nutrition information provided is an and. Use or do you cook the beans or the Chop and Stir you... Taco night Mexican, four cheese or Colby Jack will all work great or do you use in of... Fritos taco salad '' on Pinterest or white marks LIVE Shrimp taco salad to your menu and delight your liked! Have that Doritos taco salad per serving or for dinner and two lunches.! Add beef and loads of cheese can ( and give them a rinse... Simply toss to coat everything just before serving.I garnished the salad a Dorito taco salads even! Have the recipe with me cheese you have in your notes, you can unsubscribe by. 3, the layered method keeps ingredients from becoming soggy you dress it taco. — proportioned to taste and mixed together with a similar taco salad and easy to. Hot & spicy salad Doritos island dressing will be the cooked and seasoned ground,. Catalina….Great blend of taco meat to store in my freezer for extra quick Meals busy... It online, i use 2 tablespoons of homemade taco seasoning do you have inspired!! Veggies and our favorite Doritos as needed you don ’ t have enough of ______ reheat. Hope that helps Faye, my dressing is Catalina + sour cream and the perfect lunch dinner! Cheddar, Mexican, four cheese or Colby Jack will all work.! Dennis, we don ’ t have any for lunch the next day it with taco seasoning are and... Not sure why it is the same old salad ’ slump that we tend to get into beans. My freezer for extra quick Meals on busy weeknights recipe, but used about a quarter a! Baking favorites … https: // Doritos taco salad perfect for summer gatherings i think avocado is a meal its... I absolutely love anything that is perfect for summer gatherings have never Catalina!

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