At Eclipse Naturals we believe you have a right to high-quality, natural relief. Our family-owned business provides trusted and effective hemp CBD products that may help you manage your wellbeing. 

By visiting our manufacturers and hemp farms, we ensure that our CBD retail products are ethically and responsibly created. These are the CBD brands that our own family uses to live a more holistic lifestyle. Visit our store here.



Eclipse Naturals is dedicated to improving your quality of life with natural, holistic remedies. The CBD products we carry are ethically created and rigorously tested so that you can feel good about feeling good. 

Our roots in the cannabis industry began over ten years ago with a small business in San Diego, CA. But when family members began to experience the chronic pain that comes with an athletic lifestyle and aging, we got curious about alternatives to potentially harmful medications. 

While researching the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD), we immersed ourselves in the holistic wellness industry. By working with experts to test, retest, and test our products some more, we knew we could help other families. In close collaboration with manufacturers and hemp farms, we ensured that all of our products would be ethically and responsibly created. 

Now, our family-owned business serves customers all over the U.S. Our CBD products may help relieve many conditions.

If Eclipse Naturals products have benefited you or a loved one, we’d love to hear about it! Reach us on our contact page here